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Blacksmith apprentice


Blacksmith apprentice
Alfa Laval Aalborg offers an all-round, global education as plate and structural blacksmith along with training in welding. The blacksmith training is a good springboard for your further career, i.e. you will have great opportunities to study to be a chief engineer, an engineer or have an internal career at Alfa Laval Aalborg.
Internally, our plate and structural blacksmiths are called boilermakers.

Why blacksmith apprentice at Alfa Laval Aalborg?
Alfa Laval Aalborg's environment is informal, but at the same time serious. As an apprentice, you will become part of the production team on an equal footing with the other employees. The teamwork spirit is strong among the apprentices and journeymen boilermakers, which is a positive plus in the daily work. Responsibility and self-dependence is emphasised, and as an apprentice you will be a member of an autonomous group, who is responsible for ordering material and planning tasks and the work day. The autonomous groups are associated to a professional sparring partner who will follow and guide the group.

The individual in focus
At Alfa Laval Aalborg, focus is allowed for each individual apprentice and together with you the company will draw up a four year education plan. This plan will take your personal and professional skills into consideration, as well as your wishes for the future. In addition to responsibility and self-dependence, we offer a global aspect in the education which may include a stay abroad where you will have the opportunity of being stationed at one of our subsidiaries as part of your education.

Education with plan and perspective
When commencing your apprenticeship, an education plan will have been drawn up describing stays at the school and work placement. The educational course is paid and includes a combination of stays at the technical college and periods of practical work at Alfa Laval Aalborg. At the technical college you will be taught the subjects and techniques that you will be working with during the work placement periods at the company.
Aalborg Industries has always about 15 apprentices enrolled in education.

Contact person

Welding instructor, Mr Manuel Rubio, is responsible for apprentices at Alfa Laval Aalborg and the permanent contact person during the entire educational course. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Mr Manuel Rubio on the telephone number below.

Please send your application to:
Welding instructor Manuel Rubio
E-mail: Manuel.Rubio@alfalaval.com
Alfa Laval Aalborg
Postboks 844
Gasværksvej 40
9100 Aalborg
Tel. +45 99 30 43 24

Please mark the e-mail or the envelope "Apprentice"

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