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Office trainee


Alfa Laval Aalborg offers an all-round, global education as office trainee with administration as area of specialisation. The office trainee education is a fine springboard for an internal career in Alfa Laval Aalborg, where you will have the opportunity of developing your personal and professional competences.

Why Alfa Laval Aalborg?
Alfa Laval Aalborg's environment is informal, but at the same time serious. As an office trainee you will become part of a teamwork on an equal footing with other employees in the company. The teamwork spirit is strong among the trainees and the skilled employees, which is a positive plus in the daily work. Responsibility and self-dependence is emphasised, and as an office trainee you will gain insight in different functions and their fields of work. Thus, you will become a member of many different teams, get your own area of responsibility, gain insight in the company as a whole and find your own area of interest.

Individual challenges
Your personal and professional skills will be taken into consideration, as well as your wishes for the future. We offer our office trainees a global aspect to the education meaning that you among others will have the opportunity of improving your linguistic skills. In addition to challenging and varying tasks, you will eventually take part in educating new office trainees – all challenges that will mature you both personally and professionally. We will of course ensure the necessary sparring during the education course and make midway evaluations.

Education with plan and perspective
On 1st August of each year, Alfa Laval Aalborg will take in a new office trainee. The education course will be a combination of stays at business school and work placement at the company. The education is paid, and during the periods of school stay you will be taught subjects relevant for the periods of work placement with Alfa Laval Aalborg

When commencing your education, an education plan has been drawn up describing the work placement.

Contact person
The HR department is responsible for the office trainee education at Aalborg Industries. If you have any questions, please contact the HR department on the e-mail below.

How to apply
If you are interested in this challenging vocational education, we would very much like to receive your application. You can find good advice about an application on our website.

Please send your application to:

HR department
E-mail: job.aalborg@alfalaval.com

Please mark the e-mail "Office trainee”

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