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Work Culture


An inspiring work culture
Our work culture is unpretentious, and flexibility is rated highly as we prioritise freedom with responsibility - a mutual benefit to both the company and our employees. The social aspects as well as the professional life are highly prioritized at Alfa Laval Aalborgs, and an important parameter for the sustained development of our company. Furthermore, we give our employees a host of opportunities to realise their ambitions and appreciate initiatives that inspire and create ‘energy’- in fact these factors are what drives Alfa Laval Aalborg.

Multifarious employees
At Alfa Laval Aalborg you have the opportunity to apply for jobs within a wide range of professional fields, and being ONE Global Company we offer you great opportunities to build a national as well as an international career. This makes us a truly international company with employees of many different nationalities, educational backgrounds, job types and specialist functions. Mutual respect is an important parameter for Alfa Laval Aalborg and through diversity we strengthen each other to think innovatively. We employ people with almost all kinds of technical and commercial education and other craftsman-related skills, e.g. masters of commerce, mechanical engineers, technical designers, production technicians, electricians, marine engineers, boilermakers and welders.

Career opportunities
Our tasks are often complex and challenging, and therefore we offer you to challenge your personal and professional capabilities. We believe in the value of education and development of our employees so that Alfa Laval Aalborg can always offer cutting-edge knowledge. This is the key to ensuring that we remain our customers' and other stakeholders' preferred partner and thus live up to our vision; Your Preferred Partner.

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