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Marine Boilers
& Heat Exchangers

Alfa Laval Aalborg AQ-10/12W




  • Designed for solving sludge/waste oil problems on board vessels
  • Vertical cylindrical boiler with bare water tubes
  • Compact unit for burning sludge and poor quality fuel oil
  • Provided with a stationary soot blower cleaning system
  • Based on well-proven design
  • Side-fired design, with rotary cup burner


Design data


Thermal output: up to 4.4 MW
Steam capacity: 0.6 - 6.3 t/h
Design pressure: up to 10 bar(g)



The Aalborg AQ-10/12W boiler is our Aalborg AQ-12 water tube boiler type provided with an enlarged combustion chamber, a burner of the rotary cup type, and a stationary automatic soot blower. It can also be equipped with a pressure atomizing burner in connection with a waste oil lance. This type of boiler is capable of producing saturated steam and burns diesel oil,  fuel oil and sludge oil.

The Aalborg AQ-10/12W produces saturated steam by burning diesel oil, fuel oil or sludge oil. The burner can be supplemented with a waste oil lance.

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