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MISSION™ CONTROL TOUCH boiler control system






MISSION™ CONTROL TOUCH system is widely based on the same hardware as the MISSION™ CONTROL system, however, without the PC and its belongings and the SCADA software. The functionality is almost the same as for the MISSION™ CONTROL. The HMI (Human-Machine Interface), however, is changed into a touch screen with advanced touch menus programmed in a dedicated software.


Specifics of the MISSION™ CONTROL TOUCH boiler control system

  • Direct touch on the screen without auxiliary tools like keyboard and mouse
  • Graphic HMI available anywhere onboard the ship
  • Single or multi control cabinet installation
  • Large 10 inch TFT screen provides a comfortable HMI

MISSION™ CONTROL TOUCH provides a very robust HMI with the 10 inch touch screen in front being fairly insensitive to the greasy and humid environment likely to be found on almost all ships. Components sensitive to the harsh vibration environment on a ship like keyboard, mouse and harddisk are replaced with touch screen and flash memory card.


The screen may be installed in any desired location on the ship. The number of screens is fully customizable. The only necessary hardware connection is a LAN cable to connect the units with each other.


The touch screen contains dedicated firmware and software. It has its own CPU, memory and other hardware functional required systems. From data acquisition on the flashcard it is possible to retrieve stored data to show trend curves and other historical data on the touch screen.


MISSION™ CONTROL TOUCH boiler control system is normally supplied in a single cabinet, however, splitting it up in more cabinets is possible according to customer demands. MISSION™ CONTROL TOUCH is widely used on Aalborg Industries’ MISSION™ OS-TCi oil-fired boilers and MISSION™ OC composite boilers.




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