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Preview: Will be launched 2nd Quarter 2009





MISSION™ STEAM PILOT is a fully computerized control system designed with hardware dedicated to marine boiler control in a maritime environment.



Specifics of the MISSION™ STEAM PILOT boiler control system


  • Redundant Ethernet switch on main circuit board
  • CANopen bus system gives access to a wide range of components
  • USB memory stick connection for downloading trends
  • RS-485 MOD bus for communication with superior IT systems
  • Designed for the toughest maritime requirements, e.g. design data -20 °C to +70 °C

The MISSION STEAM PILOT is Aalborg Industries' newest design of intelligent control system fully prepared and real-life tested as well as tested on simulator.


The system provides sequence monitoring - monitors and proves all operating sequences - and visualization of start sequence. The touch screen user interface is fast and intuitive. The control system has no harddisk, and memory and back-up is on Flash ROM storage.

For assistance and diagnostication the system can be accessed via the internet (IP address).


The MISSION™ STEAM PILOT control system is used with the KBP burner on Aalborg Industries’ small capacity oil-fired boiler MISSION OS-TCi and on the MISSION OC-TCi composite boiler.




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