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At times the most cost effective solution when a comprehensive boiler repair or upgrading is considered is to replace either the entire boiler plant (including burner and control panel) or to simply replace the boiler. In cases when it is impossible to arrange a boiler repair during voyage or dock stay, a complete boiler replacement is a fast and effective solution and has the added advantage that the customer gets

1) a completely new boiler

2) the opportunity to change the brand, type or capacity of the boiler plant

3) a modular package solution ready to be hooked up.


The existing boiler is scrapped and swapped with the new replacement boiler through the stack, deck or side of the ship.


When the existing burner is installed on the new boiler, the control system will be checked and recalibrated as necessary.


Aalborg Industries will do a thorough examination of the damaged boiler plant and offer price and economy alternatives for the best repair solution.


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