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Rotary cup burner for heavy fuel oil or diesel oil
KB™ 1600 – KB™ 3400







The operation of the KB™ rotary cup burner is automatic, simple and reliable – also when fired with a combination of fuels as is often the case. The design is compact and the burners easy to maintain.


Capacity range: 1.9 – 38 MW
  170 – 3,400 kg/h



The KB™ rotary cup burner has been designed to meet customer requirements such as reliable operation, easy maintenance and minimum installation requirements. The design is based on Aalborg Industries’ long-term experience in marine boilers and combustion technology, ensuring optimum burner performance for demanding customers.

The working principle of rotary cup burners is based on atomising by centrifugal force. The atomising cup is driven
at high speed via a heavy-duty belt drive. The oil is gently positioned at low pressure into the spinning cup where
gradually, and forced by the centrifugal action of the cup, it moves forward until it is thrown off the cup rim as a very
fine, uniform film.

The high-velocity primary air discharged around the cup strikes the oil film, breaks it up and converts it into a mist
of fine particles which are introduced into the combustion zone and burner. The secondary air necessary for complete
combustion is supplied by a forced-draught fan through the windbox and burner air register. Normally, atomizing is effected at a viscosity of approx. 45 cSt. which ensures a particle size small enough to burn quickly and completely.

Heavy fuel oil fired rotary cup burner The KB™ burner is a typical rotary cup burner with combustion air according
to the forced draught fan location principle. Larger burners of types KB™ 1600–3400 have a separate primary air fan that receives its air supply from the forced draught fan.



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