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Steam atomizing oil burner for diesel oil and heavy fuel oil
KBSA™ 600 – KBSA™ 4200








The KBSA™ steam atomizing burner is designed for use on our top- and side-fired boilers and can be delivered
premounted. The use of oil flowmeter and modulation of the atomizing steam pressure ensures a stable combustion at all loads, also in the lower end. All burner mountings are arranged to ensure easy installation and maintenance.


Capacity range: 1.7 – 46.9 MW





The KBSA™ steam atomizing burner has been designed to meet customer requirements such as high turndown ratio, minimum installation and operation costs, and the capability to deliver inert gas at low loads. Two swirlers produce a mixture of air and fuel close to the stoichiometric value. As a result, low excess air ratio during combustion and low oxygen content in the exhaust gas provide good economy. For maintenance and inspection purposes, the air register is retractable from the windbox.


Automatic shut-off valves, re-circulation valve, solenoid valves, needle valves, and other necessary burner  components are fitted on the windbox. Standard ball valves are used throughout with electric/pneumatic actuators on the automatic valves. A water and steam separator is incorporated to achieve a suitable, dry atomizing steam quality.

Flexible hoses connect the valve arrangement and burner lance on the oil side and on the atomizing steam side. Safe ignition of the burner is ensured by means of the diesel ignition burner which is equipped with its own ignition transformer, oil pump and nozzle. During operation of the main burner, the ignition burner is purged with air in order to prevent coke formation on the nozzle and electrodes.



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