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Alfa Laval’s PureSOx removes sulphur oxides from the ship’s exhaust gas by scrubbing it with sea water or fresh water.

The unique hybrid design of Alfa Laval’s PureSOx gives both environmental and economical advantages.

By using PureSOx, shipowners are enabled to continue operating on heavy fuel oil instead of more expensive marine gas oil while still meeting the strict IMO regulations regarding sulphur oxide emissions.

PureSOx facts
• Cost-saving solution (able to operate on HFO instead of expensive low sulphur MGO).
• PureSOx is in compliance with MARPOL Annex VI – MEPC 58 and 59.
• Sulphur removal rate >98% (exceeding the IMO requirements).
• Particulate matter (PM) trapping up to 80%.
• A unique and flexible solution allowing the exhaust gas scrubber to switch between seawater and freshwater.
• Built on well-proven technology and tested at MAN Diesel’s test facilities.
• The world’s largest M.E. exhaust gas scrubber (21 MW) installed and in operation.
• Ability to operate in areas with low alkalinity waters by switching to freshwater mode
• Operation power consumption: approximately 1.5% of engine power.




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